Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: How is the weather inside the cavern?
A: The caverns are 70 degrees F year round with a relative humidity of 99%. The climate is warm and damp. You probably will get dripped on. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and shoes that provide good traction on steep, wet surfaces.
2Q: Can I eat inside the cavern?
A: No food or drinks are permitted in the cavern.
3Q: How much does it cost to tour the caverns?
4Q: When is Natural Bridge Caverns open?
5Q: What is the difference between the Discovery Tour and the Hidden Passages Tour?
A: Both tours are similar in duration and walking distance. Both tours are also approx. the same depth (180 feet). The Discovery Tour is our original tour where you will see large formations and several large cavern rooms including the largest cavern room in Texas. The Hidden Passages Tour offers a closer view of smaller more delicate and unusual formations. The Hidden Passages Tour also utilizes a state-of-the-art lighting system which uses both light and darkness to dramatically present the cavern to guests. Finally, the Hidden Passages Tour has a "Total Darkness" demonstration as part of the experience.
6Q: It’s raining. Is Natural Bridge Caverns open?
A: Yes. Tours continue even if it rains. Please call before coming out if there are unusually hazardous weather conditions such as heavy thunderstorms or icy roads.